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DRRR!!x2 Prologue [Translation]

I'd meant to bring a little life back to this comm with our other project, but this one happened to be making some progress first...

I don't think anyone has translated volume 2 of the DRRR!! light novel series. For those who don't know what it is, Durarara!! is a light novel by Ryohgo Narita which has recently been adapted into an anime (with one of the most awesome casts every nngh). It's a great anime, but a lot of awesome/cute/funny scenes from the light novels were cut out because, well, you can't fit that much into one season!

As usual, these are translated from Chinese so some nuances are definitely lost in the double translation. Also as usual, I'll be doing my best to run quick cross-checks with the Japanese RAWs...but my Japanese isn't great =)



Prologue: A breath of crimson
Chapter 1: Demon blades and dog meat
Chapter 2: Uncertain Maiden
Chapter 3: Ikebukuro's Strongest
Chapter 4: Ikebukuro in Calamity
Chapter 5: Hundred Swords' Pierce Straight
Chapter 6: Demon blades and anarchy
Epilogue and Next Prologue: The Blue Sky...Perishes?

Prologue: A breath of crimson

Her love was extremely twisted,
rusted to a degree that no medicine could cure.
Yet that deep tenacious hold--
The truth was that it was both ignorance and foolishness, an extremely shallow way of thinking.

-- I like people.

-- You ask who? No, that's not what I mean! I like all of people!

-- What part do I like? Don't ask me such vulgar questions! It's all, all of it!

-- I like the churning blazing hot blood inside the desperately running body, the bright colour that turns into a torpid black!

-- I like the muscle that despite its apparent softness can turn hard, brittle, well-toned!

-- I like the bone, that incomparable fineness, that delicate sharpness, yet so strong and rough!

-- I like that tangle of gelatinous cartilage, that trembling yet flexible, supple yet crisp, unmatchable!

-- I like the throat which in the moment we touch, produces that bright, clear tone calling out love!

-- I like the eyes which in response to our love, overflows with tears!

-- But when love has reached its peak...the flesh split aside is what I covet and love!

-- Everything, I love everything about mankind! Understand?

-- Right, of course I like you too. But, I cannot "love" you.

-- But you love me.

-- That's right, it's utterly one sided.

-- You can only love me, but I can love people other than you.

-- It's really such a twisted triangle of relationships.

-- Oh? You want to abandon me? You hate me? You want to wring me until I resemble cloth rags and discard me?

-- But you can only love me, right?

-- You can only intoxicate yourself in my strength, right?

-- That's fine, go ahead and love; that's your freedom.

-- But I will not love you. No, I cannot love you.

-- As long as I am in your hand, I will only be able to love those you wish to cut down.

-- Stop. There's no need to commit hatakiri.

-- Finding a person who will love me is such a difficult task...

Her love is straight forward.
Fluid yet keen.
Casting the shadow of those she loves on her own self.
And then cutting it all off--


[Demon blade?]

<< That's right! A demon blade! Does Tarou-san know about it?>>

[Even if you ask if I know or not...Isn't Setton-san really knowledgeable about this sort of stuff?]

(A demon blade...Like a Muramasa blade?)

<< Not quite, Setton-san! That sort of thing only has misery and bad things. A demon blade isn't like that at all! It's like in a manga, where once you pick up the sword, it'll possess you and you'll have to keep on cutting people open~!>>

(But...aren't those usually classified as Muramasa blades?)

[Muramasa blade?]

(Then your head would get cut off!)

[Wizardry? Is it Wizardry (TN:a computer RPG - has a weapon called Muramasa)? Ehh, so Setton-san is a gamer!]

<< Ahh, really, don't go off topic!>>

[Ah, sorry.]

(My apologies, Kanra-san.)

<< Listen up! Right now, Ikebukurou is flying with rumours about a demon blade! Every night, a strange person sort of monster will appear in alleyways holding a sharp weapon! Even though they haven't killed anyone yet, they've still been swinging their blade down on random people!>>

(Isn't that just being an assailant?)

<< Jeez, I just said it wasn't! It's a Japanese sword, a Japanese sword! Besides, I heard that they're faster than normal people, it's impossible to run away before they get cut down! That's already past the boundaries of being inhuman!>>

(That's why I asked, why is it a demon blade?)

<< Ehehe, I'm only telling you guys...I heard that a victim saw it...saw that slasher's face~ One look and it was terrible~!>>

[How terrible?]

<< A pair of eyes, as is they were glowing red, as if their awareness had been snatched away, just as if they'd been bitten by a vampire and were under their control!>>

(Isn't that just a vampire? lol)

<< Ehh, stop it, Setton-san! There's no way that vampires exist!>>


<< Just kidding~ Just - Kidding ☆ Setton-san. Don't get angry~!>>

(I'm not, I'm not angry >{ )

[Ahh you're angry lol]

[But since a headless rider actually exists, maybe something like a demon blade exists too.]

(The headless rider...Earlier there was a TV special on it, huh.)

[Right, right, it was a program with that and the green woman thing, a special program on mystical beings.]

<< As long as it's a program related to the headless rider, Setton-san will definitely notice!>>

[Setton-san is a fan of the headless rider?]

(No......not like that. That's... the guy who lives with me is a die hard headless rider fan.)

[Guy roommate? Wow, is Setton-san already married?]

(No...Nothing like marriage yet...)

<< Ah, then it's living together without being married!? Ahhhhhh~!>>

(It's just a roommate, how did they turn into a lover...? Oh, since we're on the topic, could it be that you both already know my gender?)

[Uh, it's...female, maybe?]

<< Telling just from the chat, amazing~ Even if it's feminine, it's not slutty like a nekama~>> (TN: nekama: a sockpuppet that's a girl, but is actually a guy pretending to be one: net + okama)

(Alright, I have to wake up early tomorrow, so I should go to bed now~ Good night~)

--Setton-san has left the chatroom--

[Ah, she ran away.]

<< Ran away~>>

Private mode: [......Speaking of nekama, isn't that you, Izaya-san?]

<< So meannnnnnnnn! Tarou-san is sexually harassing me using private mode!>>

[It's a misunderstand! It's just a misunderstanding!]

Private mode: [But but but but but, seriously, what gender is Setton-san?]

Private mode: [Is it someone I know? Karisawa-san?]

Private mode: << Ah~ It's a secret~>>

<< Well then, it's about time for me to sign off too~ Be careful and don't get possessed by the demon sword ☆>>

--Kanra-san has left the chatroom--

[Alright, good night~]

[...It really was a misunderstanding! I didn't do anything like sexual harassment!]
--Tanaka Tarou-san has left the chatroom--

--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--

--Saika-san has entered the chatroom--









--Saika-san has left the chatroom--

--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--
--The chatroom is empty--


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