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DRRR!!x2 Chapter 1 [Translation]

Celty-centric chapter wherein Celty is adorable

Chapter 1 - Demon Blades and Dog Flesh

-- A news broadcast.

“In today's news, we will continue the report on the recent supernatural serial slashings in Ikebukuro.”

“–and above, as of today the number of victims of this demon slasher already total fifty. Because the time of all incidents has been at night, as well as due to a lack of testimony as the victims themselves are only able to provide vague testimony – ”

“Furthermore, five years ago a similar incident occurred - the culprit of that case was never caught. In light of today's situation, it is likely that they are the same - "

"In addition, given the existence of the "Headless Rider" that appeared in Ikebukuro a year ago riding around with a large sharp weapon in hand, nearby residents' rumours have begun to implicate its involvement."

--A program on supernatural and mystical beings.

"Kuchisake-onna, Jinmon-ken, Kabe-onna [TN: various Japanese spirits, see wiki for more info] -- as well as this "Headless Rider" all have their origins in urban myths and legends. However, this particular "myth" has, as of last spring, taken on a more modern flavour!"

"...Although it has been ten years since its first sighting, why has it now become a topic for newspapers and broadcasts alike? The answer lies in this image here."

"This occurred in the midst of the filming for "Fierce shot! Ikebukuro 24 hours", a program from this very station. Sitting in a police car, our staff incidentally caught this scene on film--"

"Ughh...! What's this!?"

"Huh? See, over there...That black scythe...maybe it was enlarged on film?"

"What's that? From a physics point of view, isn't that movement impossible?"

"But, it's said that this black rider has something to do with the demon slashing incidents that have been occurring lately..."

(During a Commercial Break)

"We are very sorry for the inappropriate statements made during the broadcast, and offer our most sincere apologies"

-- Excerpts from various weekly publications

"A hunt for the bizarre!? The thrilling connection between the Headless Rider and the Slasher!"

"The same culprit as five years ago?"

"The reasons why the culprit behind the serial demon slashings has yet to be caught."

"A modern day tsujigiri*? The popularity of the Japanese blade." [TN: tsujigiri -> testing out a new sword on random passerbys. ]

"Ghost? Biker gang? Street performer? Chasing the truth behind the Headless Rider."

Late February. Deep night. Ikebukuro.

('How troublesome...')

Under a railway overpass a distance off from the Ikebukuro station, a shadow was lost deep in thought.

This wasn't some metaphor, rather, her body itself was a "shadow".

A pitch black biking suit ensconced her body, and the bike she rode on was itself encased in a cover of darkness as well.

That pitch dark bike with no headlights, engine, drive shaft, or license plate was so deeply black that it was as if someone had doused it in a layer of black ink. The darkness of the rider's outfit was what matched most with the pitch black of the bike.

The light from the street lamps that slid off of the shapes of her and the bike under the overpass appeared ghostly in the dark night.

('Really, how troublesome...')

This pitch black rider - Celty Sturluson - stood watching a small-time hoodlum tremble in front of her.

This hoodlum was probably in his late thirties, but carried none of the dignity or power one might expect from a person of that age. Celty having recently seen members of other similar organisations and of a similar age was beginning to understand that even between humans of the same age, there could be such large differences.

Celty worked as a transporter in the Ikebukuro area.

Although she didn't have a permit and therefore couldn't really advertise, whether they were illegal goods or dangerous goods, she could deliver them quickly and safely. Besides, just in case something happened, she definitely wouldn't get caught. Which was why even though she didn't even have a Japanese passport, she had countless numbers of commissioned jobs. Every now and then she'd have a job like delivering the manuscript of a manga to the publishing house that was actually legal, but considering her continued cooperation with Kishitani Shinra with regards to the contracts, the end result was that almost all of the jobs were of the underground variety.

However, she also took some jobs that fell outside the realm of being a transporter, such as searching for people who had run away from home or chasing down debtors.

The job this time was also one such job that was "outside the realm of being a transporter"...

Other than being scared of some yakuza small-fry, collect the cash that this useless middle aged man had absconded with. That was the job. Originally, it was simple enough...

('Really, how troublesome...So troublesome...')

These were her bewildered thoughts.

Frighten the hoodlum, take the bag with the money, and the job should've been finished.

Brandishing her scythe, all it took was to slash at his clothes before the hoodlum simply collapsed in fear on the ground. Then she dismounted from the bike and took the bag from the man. As to what to do with the man himself, she had received no directions. Even though she could take him with her, she didn't want to create more problems. Besides, if she took him back to the person who had issued the job, it wasn't unlikely that a dispute could arise and then she'd be looking at a murder case.

Although her living fees were taken care of by living with Shinra and there wasn't really a problem..."I don't want to owe you for something like this." was what she had said, and so she continued to pay him rent.

The fee from tonight's job should've been enough to cover this months' rent.

('A simple job.')

Is how she should've been thinking--

However, Celty was frozen stock still, unable to dismount from the bike.

The reason was simple.

A blade.

Because from the hand that Celty held the scythe in, there had suddenly grown a silver blade.

At first, all she felt was shock. After a while, she began to feel the pain.

Staring at the flickering light reflecting off the steel in her wrist, Celty couldn't quite wrap her head around what exactly had happened -- but experience and intuition told her the answer, which was that someone had attacked her from behind.


It seemed like the small-fry had grasped the situation a step ahead of Celty. His eyes were fixed on a point behind Celty's body, as he moaned in fear.

('Ahh...even more troublesome.')

There was a person behind her. Moreover, that person had stabbed Celty's wrist.

If she were a normal person, she would've turned to look behind her by now, but compared to humans, she had a much higher tolerance to pain. However, rather than pain, her attention was taken up by the Japanese sword sticking out of her wrist, and so she didn't turn to look. Besides, Celty's half-hearted calmness had her hesitating about taking her eyes off of the hoodlum, worrying that the situation may end up being a deadly one.

Once Celty had determined that the hoodlum wasn't likely to move anywhere anytime soon, she turned the bike around. As soon as she grabbed the handlebars, the bike's engine made a noise like a living creature, yet the movements which lacked the finesse of a living creature turned 180 degrees on the spot.

In that moment, there was a flash of silver light.

The body of the Japanese sword caught the light from the street lamps, drawing a beautiful arc--

In this manner, the circle formed by the light passed through Celty's neck.

Celty's helmet flew soundlessly through the air, and in the space above the neck of the riding suit, all that hung there was a silent darkness.

"Ahh! H-h-hyehh! Eeeeeeeeek!"

The black rider who wanted to kill him (or so the hoodlum thought) was suddenly attacked by the person who had appeared behind them and had their head cut off. Even though he could only judge the scene from his limited field of vision, the newcomer had a movement that could only be described as lightning fast. Pulling out the blade from the rider's wrist as the bike turned around - or rather, taking advantage of the movement as the bike turned and pulling it out.

Just like the movement of gears in tandem, these two gradually cycled together until they overlapped--

The next moment, the rider's head separated from the body.

('Ikebukuro's Slasher.')

Both Celty and the hoodlum thought about the recent talk shows, turning to face the direction of the shadow.


Just as Celty thought to confirm her opponent's appearance, she was suddenly distracted by a terrible shout.

('What!? There's still someone else--?')

Flustered, she turned her line of "sight" in the direction of the hoodlum, only to discover that the hoodlum's eyes had grown quite large, staring at her.

"Uhhhh...I-it's...it's still movinggggg!?!?!?"



Only then did she suddenly realise.

That she was a headless rider.

Celty Sturluson was not human.

Commonly referred to as a "Durahan" (or "Dullahan"), she was a type of Scottish fairy - one who travelled widely to those who neared their time, informing them of the existence of death.

Carrying their own decapitated head under their arm as they sat on a cart pulled by the headless horse known as Cóiste-bodhar, they visited the houses of people whose lives were nearing their end. If one were to unknowingly open the door, they would be met by a basin of warm blood - this was the proclamation of death the spirit left, is the story that is still passed around the streets in Europe even today.

Another part of the story said that Dullahans were really fallen Valkyries from Northern European myths. As to what the truth was, even she couldn't discover.

She didn't know.

Or more correctly, she couldn't remember.

Back in her home country, some unknown person stole away her "head", leaving her with no memories of her own existence. It was in pursuit of any leads on the whereabouts of her head that led her to Ikebukuro.

Letting her headless horse inhabit a motorcycle and transforming her own armour into a black rider's suit, she existed in Ikebukuro for over ten years.

However, in the end, she was unable to find her head like before - now, her thoughts were slowly changing, considering the option of living a new life? - this sort of attitude.

Even though she herself knew that her existence would never be accepted by society, the thought would not stop crying out in her heart.

Crying out "So what?"

Even if society wouldn't accept her, there were people who would - a lonely yet busy existence for a headless woman.

This was -- Celty Sturluson's existence.

Being snapped out of her thoughts by the man's shriek, Celty thought about how she was the same as the Slasher...both existences that were strange, but right now she had no time to make the hoodlum quiet down.

Or more precisely, even if the hoodlum continued to make a fuss, there wasn't a huge problem.

Celty considered the situation, turning her sight in the direction of the silhouette.

In that moment, the fluorescent lamps illuminating the underpass exploded with a bang.


Even though Celty couldn't help but panic for a moment, she still could immediately discern that it was the silhouette that had somehow caused the lights to explode. The scene was awash with darkness, making it impossible to rely on one's eyes. Using a sort of "sight" that wasn't quite the same as what humans used, Celty's night vision was far superior compared to that of a human.

Even so, by the time she saw through the darkness, the other person wasn't there.

Could it be that using the explosion of the lamps as a distraction, they escaped from underneath the overpass? Even if she'd been distracted, that person's speed was far too fast to be considered normal.

('Huh...So a sort-of strong body was a drawback this time.')

If Celty had been a regular human being, she would've turned around before the opponent had cut off her head to face the "enemy" that wanted to take her life, or at the very least because of "fear" she wouldn't have let her attention stray. Rather, it had been because Celty knew she wouldn't die so easily that she'd let her attention wander, resulting in that shadow escaping.

Underneath the overpass that had been robbed of light, only the unconscious small-fry and the Headless Rider remained.

From the attacker that had suddenly appeared, Celty felt something terribly jarring. In that moment when the blade had sunk into her wrist, she'd felt as if something discomforting had been trying to get into her body. If it hadn't been human, but rather, like Celty, was some sort of spirit or demon or monster sort of thing, then she should've felt that aura from it before she'd been stabbed. But perhaps it was able to completely conceal the aura, and so she discarded that possibility.

('In the end, what exactly was that?')

Let alone the thing's appearance, in that brief fight she couldn't even guess at the thing's height - however, there was one thing that left a deep impression in Celty's mind.

It was before the lamps had exploded...the enemy's eyes--

Those eyes were bright red, reflecting a twisted light from it that was definitely unnatural--

Thinking back on the human shape and those impossible two large red circles, the female headless rider couldn't help but shudder a little. It was something she'd seen recently on TV - it reminded her of that terrifying shape of the Greys*. (TN: Greys are alien/ET things. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greys)

('What if it really was an alien?')

The headless rider whose very presence instilled fear in people thought about Adamski UFOs and the "Light Beams from Unidentified Technology" splitting the Earth in two in that manga, and secretly let out a shiver.


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